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About Us

Designing at CurbKIt

It started with the pants. Like many companies before us, ours started because our search for a product was nowhere to be found and so we decided to make it ourselves. In our case, it was a pair of cycling pants.  

Our founder, Philip, rides his bike to and from work everyday. He also happens to be a road cyclist who is not shy about Lycra. But road kits have a time and a place. Rolling into your office in bibshorts should never be an option. That still left plenty of other options, and over the years, he's tried them all: jeans, chinos, sweatpants, technical pants. Here is what Philip found. Regular pants like jeans look awesome when you're riding, but lack many technical properties that come in handy when riding a bike like reflective elements and a higher rise at the back, for example. Technical pants are great to ride in from a practical perspective but flop on the style front. And so began Philip's great quest for the Perfect Urban Cycling Pant. He searched everywhere, trialled a number of pants hoping that he had found them, only to be disappointed time after time. One day, after yet another pant fail he said "that's IT! I'm making my own damn pants!". And that's how our little company came to be. 

CurbKit designs cycling wear that is style forward but also practical. Our pieces are simple, inspired by street wear, well designed and made from high quality and innovative fabrics that have great technical properties.  

Who We Are: 

We love being on our bikes, whether it's commuting to work, tooling around on the weekend, ripping out on our road bikes or exploring the woods on our cross bikes.  

Our founder Philip has had a love affair with bikes since he was a little boy, doing sick tricks on his BMX bike at the parks in his hometown in Ontario, Canada. He started racing triathlons in high school and raced as a pro triathlete in his 20s before retiring to get a real job in the late 1990s. He has never hung up his bike, continuing to ride road, cross, and mountain bikes on the weekends while commuting everyday to his office in Vancouver, BC. 

Curbkit was founded and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For any questions or inquiries, please email us at We would love to hear from you!