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Update: Our Kickstarter Campaign has Launched!

We're incredibly excited that the launch of our Kickstarter campaign is underway. All of our hard work over the past year to design the absolute best go anywhere cycling clothes is now reaching it's peak and we can't wait to tell you all about it!.

If you're curious or even mildly excited about what we're trying to accomplish, please check out our project page

You may be asking yourself what exactly is go anywhere cycling wear. Well, let us tell you more.

1. Durability


Not this!

Pant blowout

Hey, we've been there. You're riding to work or on your way to meet someone and your pants don't make it intact. The dreaded pant blowout is something you shouldn't have to worry about it and we've found a highly durable fabric that will keep you rolling. We've put in some serious on-the- bike wear testing to ensure that the durability of these pants will take the rigours of daily riding.

 2. Water Repellant

In our hometown of Vancouver, rain is always a possibility and we sourced a fabric to meet this reality. Our pant fabric meets standard U.S. Customs, for "Water Resistance", AATCC rainwear. Or in other words, water doesn't penetrate this fabric, instead it beads up and rolls right off keeping you nice and dry when those unexpected showers catch you mid-ride.

3. Crack is Whack!

When we set out to make our favourite pair of cycling pants we had to make sure that the fit kept one key part of you covered - your butt. You've seen it before, someone riding along blissfully unaware that their riding position has let their crack hang out for all to see. 

We designed our pants with a slight drop in the crotch, so they can be pulled up and cover you in all the right places because showing off your crack is a little whack.

There's More

Of course there's more to say about CurbKit and those details will be revealed with the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. If you want to stay up to date on ups and downs of our campaign, please sign up for our newsletter and we'll let you know when we're about to launch.

Thanks for reading