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Welcome to CurbKit!

Well, here we are. The beginning of what I expect will be an interesting and eventful journey to bring a little more fun into your rides. At CurbKit we're all about the great times that happen when you take the time to enjoy your ride. Those times before your ride, when you're drinking coffee and catching up with friends. And, those after ride beers that cap off a great day.

We aim to achieve this by designing the best casual cycling clothes for those who are looking for  a little more style. Clothes that will be at home on your bike or in a cafe. To learn a bit more about us, please check out our "About Us" page.

We're starting simply, with a couple fall cycling caps that remind us of the changing fall colours and our "Off the Bike" caps and tees. This is just the beginning, so please stay tuned for more significant developments on our website and Instagram account.

Happy riding,