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Update: Our Kickstarter Campaign has Launched!

We're incredibly excited that the launch of our Kickstarter campaign is underway. All of our hard work over the past year to design the absolute best go anywhere cycling clothes is now reaching it's peak and we can't wait to tell you all about it!. If you're curious or even mildly excited about what we're trying to accomplish, please check out our project page.  You may be asking yourself what exactly is go anywhere cycling wear. Well, let us tell you more. 1. Durability This Not this! Hey, we've been there. You're riding to work or on your way to meet someone and your pants don't make it intact. The dreaded pant blowout is something you shouldn't have to worry about it and we've...

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How Cycling is More Than Getting from point A to B

For me, riding a bicycle is about so much more than getting from one place to another. It has been my main form of transportation - by choice - for quite some time now but cycling represents something bigger than just transporting me to work, up mountains or a tooling around town or to the beach. It really has become a lifestyle, an activity that has given me fitness, friends and most importantly freedom. Freedom When I'm out riding, whether it be for work or fun there is a real sense of freedom. If I happen to come upon a truck blocking the street. I don't have to concern myself about awkwardly backing up a vehicle or getting trapped amongst a bunch...

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Come Join Our Strava Club!

Did you know we started a Strava club? I'd expect not, as we've kept pretty quiet about it. If Strava is your thing, we would love to have you join the club. We'll use it to announce rides, challenges and other fun things. Click the club widget above to see what the the members have been up to and then, you can easily join our club. This sun peeking through the trees on this morning's crisp, cold and a ton of fun CurbKit ride.

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A Sneak Peek At Our Skyline Bomber Jacket

Here's a sneak peek at our Skyline Bomber jacket and Carrall cycling cap, which we're currently wear testing around the paths and streets of Vancouver. We've made the jacket from a waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric and it has been performing extremely well through our typical rainy Pacific coast weather. And, in our opinion, it looks pretty good on the bike. We still have to tweak a few things before it's ready for our spring Kickstarter campaign but we feel we're on the right track. The Skyline Bomber jacket, like all of the products in our cycling collection is named after a frequently used bike route. The Skyline bike route is a hilly treasure for Bay Area cyclists. We would like to give a special thank...

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CurbKit Cycling Cap Giveaway!

We think that the pieces in our capsule collection of cycling commuter wear are pretty cool, but we want to make them even more special by naming them after cycling routes around the world, travelled on by riders like you! We've already named our Dearborn and Carrall cycling caps after great routes in Chicago and Vancouver but we really need your help for our inaugural capsule collection. Help us name the four pieces of our mens collection by:1) Favouriting\liking this post on Twitter or Instagram and following us @curbkit2) Posting a pic of your favourite bike route and telling us about it and why it's special to you3) Tagging @curbkit on your pic and using the hashtag #curbkitlovemyrideThat's it!  We will...

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