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Winter Cycling - Our Favourite Accessories


Now that old man winter has arrived in our part of the woods, we find ourselves mulling our essential accessories that keep us riding over the winter. Of course you need a great jacket, base layer and pants but we can't forget the all important additions that help us ride in comfort over the winter months. With that in mind, here's our list of essential accessories for winter cycling.

  1. Essential item number one, a winter cap. These caps, like our Sherbourne Winter cap have a warm ear flap that will keep your ears covered and more importantly warm.
  2. A wool collar will keep you neck protected from the frigid winter winds and can be used to cover your face when your speed increases.
  3. Winter gloves, nuff' said.
  4. Shoe covers, these slide over you cycling shoes and add a welcome layer of warmth to cycling shoes which have been designed for warmer days.
  5. Fenders, wet roads and the resulting spray can ruin a perfectly good ride and fenders are the best defence against road spray.

Put these all together and you can ride comfortably this winter.